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Canon EOS camera

My Canon EOS 50D: 15 Mb pixels, not uncommon these days in much smaller cameras, but the lenses make the difference.

I can also video in High Def: great for trade shows and reception areas on big screens.
For some of my work see here.

Beaver Shoe brochure

Strong photo essential for this and most brochures.

Crimpstore brochure

This photo was used again and again in ads and brochures.

Photography & video

How to take photos you can use

Now that all of us possess digital cameras, it may be timely to say that digi is not better, merely more convenient. My Canon (shown right) has vastly improved my efficiency of working. Five years ago I took a film, tore into Taunton, hung around for a 1 hour service, drove back, scanned the photo and emailed to the press. Now of course I can do the whole thing almost instantaneously.

Even with this 15Mb digital SLR (+ superb lenses) I still use a trusty Minolta film camera (Fuji Superia film) for large blow-ups and slide film (Provia) for really big blow-ups.


Digital cameras fall down on wide variations of light and dark (latitude): they just can’t cope with the range. Some say you need a 20Mg pixel camera to equal the quality of film – which at the time of writing is not available – so beware of some of the difficulties.

Tips for good photography

I can’t turn you into a professional photographer but the following may help: