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The Craft of Copywriting

Written 25 years ago – but still listed on Amazon – contains basic structure and gems you need. Get a copy (plus mine of course).

Airtech mailer

This is the cover of a mailer aimed at social housing managers wrestling with claims for mould in kitchens and bathrooms. Most firms in this sector show photos of mould: my approach was to highlight the reasons.


How to write copy that sells

Much of my work comes from well established capable intelligently run firms – but most find it difficult to write about themselves. I can bring some dispassion to the task, and write from the user's point of view. And because I have helped clients in so many fields – from care homes to coffin makers – I can pull in techniques that are well proven in areas that perhaps my new client has no experience of. (It's OK to finish with a preposition: Fowler says so. Don't worry about it.)

Firms may need a skilled copywriter in six main areas:

Here's some guidance:


It only takes a second to delete an email newsletter (without reading it), but an attractively presented, relevant and illustrated newsletter does bring results.

I have produced the simple A4 trade newsletter shown above right for more than fifteen years, but each mailing (to upholsterers and soft furnishers) more than pays for itself. The secret is to write in short paragraphs, with technical spec, on topics that interest the target audience.

It only needs to be mailed twice a year to alert customers of new products and keep in touch. And the odd joke helps to maintain interest.