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Ian Hobbs ad

A common error: the headline should be what is on offer, not who they are. In this case it's air conditioning.

Kingsdown Nursery

Again, local paper ad. The advertiser should be flagging up that they specialise in trees: that's the USP.

Exhibition stand sign

Spelling mistake on a trade stand.

Cafe ad

Yes, but where are you?

Teeth whitening ad

Odd. A teeth whitening ad that doesn't show a smile. Or maybe that's the point? Too subtle for me.

Underfloor heating ad

Surely they can say something more interesting than that?


Advertising mistakes

It is often easier to learn from other's mistakes so here are a few that have amused or horrified.

Guardian small ad

Printed in a December 09 Guardian supplement. Totally illegible.

NW Institute ad

What a horror. Reversed type, almost illegible, no headline (we call them "headless wonders"), sprayed with meaningless logos. What on earth's it all about?

Restaurant ad

Half-page ad for a restaurant: another headless wonder. Surely there's something they can say as a headline. The new menu; the DJs; live music.

|Wedding planner ad

Another half-page ad. I think this is a wedding planner service, but it's a struggle to find what is on offer.

Ad O Arnold

Stand by any road and look for The White Van. I guarantee that most will say J SMITH, then in small letters underneath plumber. The same with these all too common small ads above. The most important thing is "what's in it for me?" So O Arnold is irrelevant: it's that they are contractors able to do this that and the other that should be catching the eye.